The Finnish Cremation Foundation

Values and environment


We show respect for the deceased and their relatives

Our values

The cornerstones of our operations are ethical values ​​and taking care of the environment

The law

We comply with laws and regulations

Non-profit foundation

The foundation is a non-profit organization

Open to all religions

Hietaniemi crematorium and chapels are open to all religions, and also to non-religious people.

Trained staff

Staff members have training according to their duties


Values ​​and environment

Environment protection


Cremation saves resources and saves space needed for a cemetery. Surplus heat from the Hietaniemi crematorium is recovered and used to heat the properties. In this way, the need for heating is minimized.


Natural gas is used as fuel in Hietaniemi The Hietaniemi crematorium uses flue gas cleaning. The filters filter out 96-98% of particles, 96-99% of mercury and 98-99.5% of dioxins. The hazardous waste facility takes care of the filtered waste.

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